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Wayne County:

Formed in 1823, Wayne County is the birthplace of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, an important stop on the Underground Railroad, and a fertile fruit growing region. Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, Wayne is the northeastern-most county in the Finger Lakes region. Wayne is the third-largest county by population in the region, after Monroe and Ontario, and the largest in the region by land area.

Trends in Wayne County largely mirror the region, with declining median income, a shrinking and aging population, and increasing child poverty. Despite these factors, homes are affordable, and most crime rates are falling. Although tourism revenue is the lowest in the region and has fallen substantially, the county is home to Hill Cumorah, an historic site where Joseph Smith said he found the golden tablets which were the basis for the Book of Mormon. Until 2019, the region hosted the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant which celebrated the Mormon heritage in the region.

Previously a largely agricultural region, Wayne County has expanded its industry to include optics and technology-based manufacturing, sustainable energy, food production and related manufacturing.

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