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HeatSmart Incentives and Funding Sources

 Funding and Incentives for Year-Round Comfort  
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Income Based Incentives
EmPower NY
Covers 100% of eligible energy efficiency upgrades up to $10,000 for income qualified New Yorkers. EmPower covers a home energy audit, eligible insulation, air sealing, high efficiency lighting and appliances. 

You may be eligible if you can answer “yes” to these statements: 

  • I live in a home or building with 100 units or fewer 
  • Meet income requirements or qualify for HEAP, SNAP or other utility assistance program  
  • I am an electricity customer of National Grid, NYSEG, RG&E, or heat with oil, propane, or kerosene 
  • I am responsible for paying utility bills 

 EmPower income eligible

More info on EmPower 

Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star (AHP) 
Provides those who qualify with a discount 50% of the cost of elidable energy efficiency improvements up to $5,000 for single family homes. 2–4-unit residential homes with income-eligible residents may qualify for a discount of up to $10,000.  AHP covers eligible insulation, air sealing, high efficiency heat pump water heaters and heat pump heating & cooling systems.  

 Income limits for the Genese Finger Lakes Counties 
AHP income

 More info on AHP 
The combined application for EmPower and AHP can be found here  

Non-Income Based Incentives
Comfort Home 
Provides between $1,000 and $4,000 of incentives for home energy improvements. Packages include sealing air leaks, insulation upgrades, and high performance windows. 

 ComfortHome chart

More info on Comfort Home 

Available Rebates
Clean Heat Rebates  
Plug in your address to find out all the rebates available to you based on utility company and income. There are utility rebates for air source and geothermal heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and weatherproofing packages.  

Link to the clean heat rebate site 

NYS Residential Financing  Options
To help New York State residents finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements made through NYSERDA’s programs. These loans provide lower interest rates to lower-income New Yorkers and to those who cannot qualify for traditional financing.  NYS offers:  

  • On-Bill Recovery Loans 
  • Smart Energy Loan  
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan 
  • Companion Loan   

What NYS financing fo you qulaify for? 


Federal Tax Credits 
The Renewable Energy Tax Credit allows taxpayers to take credit for between 22% and 30% of the costs of qualified ENERGY STAR equipment. This also includes any labor costs to the onsite preparation, assembly, or original installation and for piping or wiring to interconnect the equipment to the home. Qualifying equipment includes geothermal heat pumps, small residential wind turbines, solar energy systems, residential fuel cells and biomass fuel stoves.  

You can take credit for:

  • 30% for geothermal systems placed into service by December 31, 2019 
  • 26% for geothermal systems placed into service after December 31, 2019, and before January 1, 2023 
  • 22% for geothermal systems placed into service after December 31, 2022, and before January 1, 2024 

Both Existing homes and new construction qualify, as do both principal residences and second homes apartments do not. Fill out Form 5695 at tax time to apply.  

More info about the Renewable Energy Tax Credit  

Equipment Tax Credit for Primary Residents
The Equipment Tax Credit for Primary Residents allows taxpayers to take credit for 10% of the costs up to $500 or a specific amount between $50 and $300 for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades including geothermal heat pumps on a primary residence. Energy efficiency upgrades include geothermal heat pumps,  

The Equipment Tax Credit for Primary Residents