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Additional Services


G/FLRPC integrates vast resources and advanced technology with a high level of staff expertise to provide superior service while maintaining time and cost effectiveness.  The Council's primary goal is to enhance the economic, environmental, physical, and social qualities of the region.

Local Government Workshops are an effort to support and advocate for the importance of local government training and education.  G/FLRPC along with many  sponsors, has presented the Regional Local Government Workshop series two times per year beginning in 1996.  Local Government Workshop fulfills new State law requiring training for local planning officials.

Webinar Series is a series of webinars in support of regional economic development, planning and data services.

Regional Roundtables are a series of meetings put together in an ongoing attempt on the part of G/FLRPC staff to bring experts together to discuss issues of regional importance.  The Regional Roundtable series has included Main Street Revitalization, Regional Energy Production and Consumption, Regional Revolving Loan Fund, and Agricultural and Farmland Protection.  G/FLRPC looks forward to facilitating discussions that are of regional importance and are receptive to suggestions for future roundtables.

Survey/Inventory Development and Analysis at G/FLRPC involves creating, administering and tabulating data from various surveys and inventories taken in the region.

Website. This G/FLRPC Website is a valuable resource for the public as well as County and Municipal officials and planners.  It provides access to program/project information and provides a means for data and information dissemination.