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County Hosted Trainings

This page details the steps your community needs to take to get Clean Energy Communities certification for this Action Item by NYSERDA and how Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC) can assist you. Please email your Regional Coordinator, Rob Richardson, at so he can help you get started. 

This HIA allows local government officials to receive training on the various stages of developing and managing clean energy projects in their community. All trainings are eligible for continuing education credit and provide local governments with the opportunity to learn best practices. Trainings are available virtually or in-person with expert trainers provided by NYSERDA free of charge.

NYSERDA has curated five different offerings:

  1. Overview of Model Solar Energy Law
  2. Overview of Model Battery Storage System Law
  3. Clean Energy & Your Comprehensive Plan
  4. Battery Energy Storage for First Responders
  5. Solar PV Permitting & Inspecting


To get started:

  1. Schedule County-Hosted Trainings

Counties interested in hosting training events should e-mail with a list of potential dates and venues. They may also contact the CEC Coordinator, Rob Richardson, to help with this process. Depending on trainer availability, these can be held as individual trainings or a cohesive offering. Trainings must be scheduled with at least a 4-week lead time.

  1. Promote the Scheduled Training/Trainings

To qualify, at least one municipal staff member, elected official, or member of an official municipal board or committee from at least 35% of the municipalities in the county must attend. If needed, more than one training can be held to meet the 35% threshold. The County is responsible for publicizing and promoting the training.

  1. Facilitate/Complete Training

The County is responsible for logistics as well as tracking attendance. Successful completion of this High Impact Action hinges on making sure the trainings are completed to fidelity and meeting the 35% threshold. The CEC Coordinator will be on-site or, if done virtually, available during training events to help the County however needed.

  1. Submit County Hosted Trainings Certification Form

Once the training has been held or the 35% threshold is met through multiple offerings, submit a completed County-Hosted Trainings Certification Form (accessed in the County-Hosted Trainings Toolkit) through the NYSERDA Submission Portal. The certification form must include the name and date of the training, as well as attendee information, including name, title, municipality, and email/phone number to verify the requirements for the HIA have been met.


If you have any questions or run into issues submitting an HIA, please contact the CEC Coordinator Rob Richardson at