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C-PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (Open C-PACE) Financing, is a program adopted by an eligible local government that allows property owners to pay back clean energy upgrade costs secured through a municipal based assessment lien. The C-PACE Finance program enables eligible commercially-owned and not for profit buildings in New York State to secure funding for energy upgrades and renewable energy projects. The bill is backed by a PACE lien which is subordinate to municipal taxes and stays with the property.  Financing is available through the Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) for permanent improvement projects that reduce energy costs in existing buildings. Within the Finger Lakes Region eligible local governments include Counties and Cities with qualifying bond ratings. 

C-PACE Adoption
This page details the steps your community needs to take to get Clean Energy Communities certification for this High Impact Action (HIA) by NYSERDA and how Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC) can assist you. Please email your Regional Coordinator, Rob Richardson, at so he can help you get started. If you have already been in touch with another member of G/FLRPC team regarding this specific HIA, email them directly for help completing this action item.  

Step 1:  Connect with Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC)
Your CEC Coordinator will connect you with the EIC; an active partner who will work with the municipality before, during, and after adoption.

Step 2: Pass Local Law
Sample Legislation can be found here.

Step 3: Sign EIC/Municipal Agreement
Sample Agreement can be found here.

Step 4: Submit Documentation
Submit a screenshot of EIC’s List of Participating Municipalities that shows the applying jurisdiction listed as a current EIC member having authorized the Open C-PACE product, or comparable information. Authorization requires adoption of a local law and signing a municipal agreement with EIC (template documents provided by EIC). Non-EIC PACE programs are also eligible. Date of completion is when the local government became an EIC member or when the Non-EIC PACE program is adopted. Communities that received NYSERDA approval for the Energize NY Finance action must submit documentation under this category to earn points for this action.

Additional C-PACE Actions:

C-PACE Projects
Once enacted, C-PACE funding will be available to all projects in your jurisdiction. Once a C-PACE Project has closed, the municipality can submit that for an addition 300 points.

Step 1: Promote Funding
Let all developers, contractors, and builders know C-PACE Financing is available to them through the permitting process.

Step 2: Submit Documentation
Submit documentation from EIC demonstrating closing of one or more Open C-PACE projects located in the jurisdiction, or comparable information. To be eligible, the jurisdiction must complete the PACE Financing – Open C-PACE Authorization action. Date of completion is date of the first finance closing.

Submit your documentation here: High Impact Action Item Documentation

If you are interested in establishing an Open C-PACE program, please contact Sarah Smiley at the Energy Improvement Corporation at (914) 302-7300 x8105 or by email at