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Clean Energy Upgrades

This page details the steps your community needs to take to get Clean Energy Communities certification for this Action Item by NYSERDA and how Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC) can assist you. As your regional Clean Energy Coordinator, please email Rob Richardson at or if you have been in touch with other Finger Lakes Region Clean Energy Communities Coordinators at G/FLRPC, email them directly for help completing this action item. 

G/FLRPC Resources

Step 1: Open an EPA Portfolio Manager Account 

The first step is to complete an EPA Portfolio Manager benchmarking report. This is the exact same process for the Benchmarking Action Item. If you haven't already opened an account and entered energy use data, it can be done by opening an EPA Portfolio Manager account at this link: You will find a login box on the right hand side of the page. Click ‘Register Now’ in that box to open an account.  

You can view G/FLRPC's recent EPA Portfolio webinar here:  

Step 2: Input energy use data and Output the 'Performance Highlights" report 

If you already have an account, you will need to ensure that you have entered energy use data that predates your upgrades by at least 1 year. After entering a year’s worth of data prior to your upgrades, you will need to output a report to be submitted. In EPA Portfolio Manager, under the reports tab, you will find the “Performance Highlights” report. Output this report for submitting to NYSERDA. You will also need to take note of the total metric tons carbon dioxide equivalents (MTCO2e) produced by your facilities. This number will be used in the following steps. 

Note: You can only count upgrades that were completed after January 1, 2014.  

Step 3: Calculating your energy reduction 

The annual energy use across all your facilities calculated prior to your upgrades will be the baseline from which you can calculate your energy savings. To calculate your energy savings, you will need to have an ASHRAE Energy Audit (Type I, II, or III) or pre/post engineering reports done on your facilities that received the upgrades. Estimate annual energy use for your buildings post upgrades must be calculated from one of these and then compared to the baseline established by your EPA Portfolio Manager report. These calculations are to be done in the 'Clean Energy Upgrades Calculator'. This spreadsheet will need to be submitted to NYSERDA. 

Step 4: Filling out the Clean Energy Upgrades Calculator 

The attached Calculator spreadsheet has 4 tabs. You must only edit boxes shaded grey in this spreadsheet. Follow the instructions on the sheet for entering data, beginning on the first tab. Ensure that you're entering the correct units asked for on the spreadsheet. Instructions are at the top of each tab to help walk you through the calculator. You will need the results of your ASHRAE Energy Audit or pre/post engineering studies to fill this out. Those studies will estimate your annual energy savings due to the clean energy upgrade. For renewable energy projects, you will need to enter their expected annual energy generation. When you have finished adding all your clean energy projects, save the spreadsheet for uploading to NYSERDA. 

Step 5: Submitting Documentation 

The final step is to submit the following documents to NYSERDA for certification of this Action Item: 

  1. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Benchmarking Report 
  2. The Clean Energy Upgrades Calculator 
  3. Either ASHRAE Energy Audits or pre-and-post engineering studies that identify the implemented projects 
Submit your documentation here: