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NYStretch Code Adoption

This page details the steps your community needs to take to getClean Energy Communities certification for this Action Item by NYSERDA and how Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC) can assist you. Please email your Regional Coordinator, Rob Richardson, so he can help you get startedIf you have already been in touch with another member of G/FLRPC team regarding this specific HIA, email them directly for help completing this action item. 

Step 1: Connect with your NYSERDA Circuit Rider 
Your CEC Coordinator will put you in touch with our regional representative of the NYSERDA Circuit Riders- a team of subject matter experts that help municipalities plan, finance and implement energy-saving upgrades to buildings and infrastructure as well as projects that focus on renewable energy technologies. The Circuit Riders will help support the municipality before, during, and after adoption to ensure a successful initiative. They will help with builder and board education, community education, and work directly with the municipality to ensure a successful initiative Please find the template model energy code legislation here.

Step 2:  Adopt & Implement NYStretch Code  
Note: This item is eligible for an Action Item Grant of $5,000 if NYStrecth is adopted and implemented before June 30, 2022.  

Step 3: Submitting Documentation   
The final step is to submit the following documents to NYSERDA for certification of this Action Item:  

  1. Certified copy of local law or ordinance adopting the NYStretch Energy Code on a jurisdiction-wide basis. Template legislation can be found in the NYStretch Energy Code Toolkit 

 Submit your documentation here: High Impact Action Item Document